Common Questions

Q. How can I make changes to my policies or update my information?

  • Our Supplemental Benefit Hotline Representatives will help you with any updates you wish to make, such as change of address, marital status, salary, beneficiaries, dependents, etc.  This information will be passed on to your insurance carrier(s) on your behalf - one call to the Forza Hotline does it all!  We can also assist with adjustments to your benefit amounts and adding coverage for your family members. We will provide all the options available to you, so you can make the best educated decisions to suit your needs.

Q. Where can I get my detailed policy information/documents?

  • Our Hotline Representatives can provide your policy information – and can request specific policy documents from the carrier(s) to send you via email or mail, whichever you prefer, so you can review the details in depth and use your policies to their fullest.

Q. How do I file a claim?

  • You can either download a claim form under the "Find My Benefits" (on this website), or call our Hotline and we will provide you with the forms you need, as well as direction on how to fill them out, where to send them, and how to follow up for status updates with the carrier(s).

Q. My deductions do not seem correct – can you help?

  • Our Hotline Representatives can help by communicating with your payroll department to ensure your deductions are corrected.  We will also help you recover any funds you are due for overpayment, if applicable.

Q. What if I go out of work? How do I pay for my policies and where do I send it?

  • Since policy premium is paid each week via payroll deduction, and you are not collecting a paycheck while out of work, you still need to pay for your policy; as with any insurance.  If you expect to be out of work for longer than 2 weeks’ time, please call our Hotline and we can provide all the details you need to submit payment directly to the carrier(s), so your policies can remain active at a time where you may need them the most.

Q. I am retiring or have left my job.  Can I keep my policies?

  • Absolutely!  Your policies are fully portable, if you continue to pay your premiums via direct billing with the carrier(s).  Please call our Hotline and we will help you set up this valuable benefit, so you can lock in your group rates for the life of your policies!

It's important to review your current benefits, your old coverage may not cover what you think it does. Don’t wait until you need to use it to find that out! Sit with an advisor to be sure.

Already have supplemental benefits? Make sure they're still providing what you need. Consider these 3 important questions: 

1. Is your coverage sufficient?
Your old coverage may not cover what you think it does. Don’t wait until you need to use it to find that out. Sit with an advisor to be sure.

2. Are your plan features outdated?
Older plans do not have some of the new plan features such as on and off the job protection, and protection in the case of an uprising or riot.

3. There is ‘No Pressure’ to buy.
This is a no-pressure courtesy evaluation. You are not required to change.So why not take advantage of this opportunity to make sure you’ve got the coverage you need.

4 facts about benefits that make them so easy to use!

1. You get direct payment

Supplemental benefit plans pay the policy holder directly, in the form of checks or direct deposit, in the case of injury and/or critical illness and cannot work.

2. Your acceptance is guaranteed

All supplemental benefit plans administered by Forza are what is known as Guaranteed Issue, during Open Enrollment.

3. Benefits are portable and flexible

All supplemental benefit plans are made portable. This means that if the policy holder leaves their workplace or retires, they have the option to keep them.

4. Rates are locked in

Supplemental benefit plan rates do not increase, ever, for any reason. The policy holder can file as many claims as necessary and their rates will not go up.